EYE Program 2016:
Top 15 Teams

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*Each participant can only be associated with ONE team, and each team can only submit ONE idea.

Judging Criteria

  1. Viability (40%)
    • Market Analysis (25%)

      • Business and Revenue Model

      • Market Demand

      • Growth Opportunity

    • Risk Management (15%)

  2. Impact (25%)
    • Social and Economical

    • Whether the business brings positive changes or impact to the society and/or economy

  3. Industry Innovation (20%)
    • Insight and understanding of the challenges faced by the industry (10%)

    • Innovative idea and solution to make an impact, improve efficiency, and boost business opportunities (10%)

  4. Team Capability (15%)
    • Team structure and ability - The team has to demonstrate with strong business acumen, relevant knowledge and skill, strong team spirit, and passion

    • Communication and presentation skill

    • Positive feedbacks from business partners, investors, and/or client

    • Proven client reference or referral

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